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A Wealth of Knowledge

The LaMP community at UC Davis includes a large group of productive, well funded and collaborative faculty members with a strong history of mentoring pre-doctoral students. They are listed by research area of interest: Cognitive, Systems/Behavior, Cell/Molecular.

New faculty with an interest in training are welcome to apply. 


  • Erie Boorman I Decision making and reinforcement    
  • Cameron Carter | Attention and memory; pathophysiology of cognitive disorders
  • Charles DeCarli | Aging and dementia
  • Andrew Fox | Translational affective neuroscience
  • Joy Geng | Visual attention
  • Amanda Guyer | Biological, cognitive and social-emotional aspects of human development during adolescence
  • Simona Ghetti | Development of memory
  • Steven Luck | Basic and translational cognitive neuroscience of attention and working memory
  • John Ragland | Effect of psychosis on learning and memory
  • Charan Ranganath | Imaging, electrocephalography, electrical brain stimulation
  • Susan Rivera | Developmental cognitive neuroscience, developmental disorders
  • Julie Schweitzer | Neurodevelopment, impulsivity, child psychopathology, neuroimaging
  • Andrew Yonelinas I Memory disorders and recognition

Systems / Behavior

Cell / Molecular

  • Elva Diaz | Molecular mechanisms of excitatory synapse development, function and plasticity in the CNS
  • Kyle Fink | Genetically-linked neurodevelopmental disorders and diseases of aging
  • John Gray I Synaptic plasticity and development
  • Johannes Hell  | Postsynaptic signaling and regulation of calcium channels and glutamate receptors
  • Pamela Lein | Neuropharmacology and neurotoxicology
  • Veronica Martinez-Cerdeno | Role of stem cells in the development, evolution and pathogenesis of the cortex, pathology of ASD
  • Kimberley McAllister | Developmental neurobiology, cell and molecular neurobiology, neuroimmunology
  • Alex Nord I Gene regulatory control in the brain
  • David Olson | Small molecule regulation of learning and memory
  • Michael Rogawski Neuropharmacology, translational neuroscience
  • Lin Tian | Neurotechnology, development for circuitry analysis
  • Karen Zito I Synaptic plasticity and development