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LaMP T32 trainees are making an impact in the neuroscience community! See the Trainee Spotlights below to learn more about their amazing achievements and the important contributions they are making toward understanding and treating LaMP disorders.

Nicole Claiborne, NSC PhD Candidate
Nicole Claiborne, NSC PhD Candidate, HHMI Gilliam Fellow and LaMP trainee (2018-19)

Nicole Claiborne Awarded a Gilliam Fellowship from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Posted by Ashley Hodel on August 21, 2020

Former LaMP trainee, Nicole Claiborne, and her mentor, Dr. Karen Zito, were one of 45 doctoral student- adviser pairs selected by The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) to receive a Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study

The Gilliam program was created in 2004 by HHMI with the goal of increasing the diversity of scientists at the college and university faculty level.

For Nicole, the Gilliam Fellowship has profound meaning. "This award is truly an honor and will help me so much with my career goals. The HHMI Gilliam fellowship provides students like me with resources to become scientific leaders and create more inclusive and healthy research environments. I'll have the opportunity to TA, attend workshops, and interact with other fellows from a wide array of diverse background. I hope to shape all of these experiences into a teaching career where I can support and inspire students from similarly underrepresented and underprivileged backgrounds to become the next generation of scientific leaders."

Nicole's primary research is focused on understanding glutamatergic signaling in dendritic spine stability. She is pursuing a Ph.D with the Neuroscience Graduate group and was a member of the LaMP training program from 2018-2019.